More Budget Demanded for Buses and Flood Prevention

20 Feb 2024
Stagecoach bus
Campaigners calling for local bus services to be saved

Leicestershire County Council’s budget will be debated on Wednesday. The opposition Lib Dem group are seeking to amend the Conservative County Council budget to put more support into local bus services and flood prevention.

The Lib Dems are putting forward fully costed budget amendments that would see the County Council’s publicity magazine Leicestershire Matters scrapped and the over £100,000 saved ploughed back into local bus services.

The amendment on bus services is being proposed by leader of the Lib Dem opposition Cllr Michael Mullaney. Michael said “Many local residents have been hit by the scrapping of the number 1 and 2 bus services that served Hinckley, Barwell and Earl Shilton. Also many were hit by the County Council withdrawing support for the 159 bus service that served many local villages like Barlestone, Market Bosworth and Newbold Verdon. 

“During these tough times financially spending over 100k on a magazine can’t be justified. That money should be used to support local bus services instead.”

A second budget amendment on putting more resources into drainage and flood prevention is being submitted by Lib Dem Finance Spokesman Cllr Simon Galton. The amendment seeks to take money from political support posts and put the money instead into flood prevention measures. Simon said “"We are putting this amendment forward to ask the Council to think again about its priorities and where the available funds can make the most difference. Put simply we believe tackling highway flooding problems is more important than political support posts. The Cabinet already has excellent officer support and advice and we don't think political posts are necessary especially when the Council is having to cut front line services to residents."